I thought I was old when we started the band.  Twenty-one, facing growing up, and trying to preserve some youth in songs – The Young & The Desperate, Young Offenders, Young Lions, etc.  The “Constant Teens”, you know… In a lot of ways, the eleven years that we were active as a band was a suspended adolescence.  At our best, we consecrated youth in the true rock and roll spirit.  Wild, ecstatic moments, pure physical and spiritual energy, free of any past or future.  We held on to that for as long as we could.
   Gradually, an awareness of the passing of time, the changes occurring around us, and personal physical and emotional needs crept into the songs – Soon Enough, Our Age, Windy Road (Best get new dreams – these old dreams won’t last). There were some heavy times in those last few years – each member of the family was being pulled in their own direction, trying to figure out who we were apart from each other.  Every family comes to this at some point, and everyone deals with it in their own way.
   On a cold night in the winter of 2010, walking down Mont-Royal, I called Doug, who I’d been playing in bands with since early high school, and said, “I can’t do this anymore.”  I was unsure what kind of response this statement would get, but Doug was kind and understanding, and we spoke as brothers do.  That was a basic fact with the Cons: we were as real with each other as people could be.  The band played a few shows that year, fulfilled what responsibilities we could, and then we went our separate ways.
   I believe it had to happen this way.  We each had to figure some shit out on our own.  The six months after the Cons stopped playing was one of the most fucked up periods in my life.  I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t really know how to play music outside of The Constantines.  We had learned to be musicians together.  There were no real goodbyes, but there was a complicated mourning process, figuring out that there were other things to devote oneself to.  Trying to write a resume was a nightmare.  Life went on.
   A great irony in all of this, is that I’ve become more aware of what the Cons meant to people in the years since the band last played together, than I ever was while we were active. I suppose that’s no grand revelation – you often have to get outside of something to get a picture of what it is.  We are grateful that people love this band so much.  We love it too. In the past year, we’ve had perfect occasions to reconnect with one another, to play together in various forms, and to talk again as brothers do.  Timing has never been the Cons’ greatest strength, and as we watched the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Shine A Light pass by, we joked together, saying, “well, maybe we’ll do something for the 11th…”
   True to the Cons’ decision making process, the more something made us laugh, the better an idea it seemed.  And support came in from some wonderful places.  We’ve been talking a lot lately, and we’ve made some plans.
   What it all comes down to is this:  There is too much love and too much life in this music for it to only exist in the past.  We’re happy to announce that The Constantines – Will Kidman, Steve Lambke, Doug MacGregor, Bry Webb and Dallas Wehrle – will be playing some shows this summer, leading up to the 11th Anniversary Reissue of Shine A Light.
   Details will be coming your way soon, but we wanted to give you the news ourselves, and say thanks for everything. Your kind words have meant a lot to all of us, and we look forward to seeing you again.
Time can be overcome,


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  2. Great news guys, thanks! I tuned into you guys when I was in high school (Medway). Colin Haskett and Jeff Moon got me into Shoulder and then once The Cons spawned I was sold! Your music gave me great inspiration and continues to do so. I often exercise to your music, it keeps me running.

    Look forward to your return.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have love and will travel if required, but the West Coast is beautiful all times of the year, and we would love to see you in BC.

  4. Thanks for this Valentine present. I grew up in a small town outside of Winnipeg. I worked around the corner from the Royal Albert and saw the Weakerthans play one of their first gigs there. Then I went to school in Montreal and a classmate from Guelph turned me onto Shine a Light. I saw you play a pretty amazing show in Montreal with the Weakerthans and I’ve been singing your praises ever since. Rarely does music sound so real and grounded as your songs do. Thank you for that. And I’m happy you’re getting back together. Sometimes it really does help to get on the outside of something. Only to come back and appreciate it for what it is.

  5. This brings so much happiness to me as a fan. I have loved you guys since day one and will always support your decisions… especially this one.
    I am happy you’re back. See you at your next Toronto gig!

  6. The show you guys did at Le Rendezvous in Winnipeg back in 2005 remains the single best live show I’ve ever seen. I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

  7. Fantastic…save a night before or after Vancouver for a Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek, BC rock and roll spectacle…send me the rider!

  8. In high school, a friend lent me Shine A Light. I fell in love. Soon after, my friends and I started making road trips to wherever we might get to see them play. There is nothing like seeing The Cons live. Some of the greatest times of my life. I am just so thrilled and thankful to have the opportunity to see my favourite band play again. Thank you guys. See you this summer 🙂

  9. I’m so stoked! I missed seeing you guys once before and the mistake will not happen again. a co-worker invited me to Ikea one night and I said why on earth would I want to go there? the next day he comes in to work and says man the constantines were amazing. I replied “how could you go see them and not tell me?” He said “I told you we were going to ikea before the show and you were a dick about it”. I was heartbroken. Thank you for deciding to do this. I will not miss out this time.

  10. Made my day guys. You’re one of my favorite bands ever. Where will you post details about the shows? I don’t want to miss this.

  11. I hope you can come to Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been a fan since Modern Sinner Nervous Man but have never seen you guys play. Love your music; thanks for making it!

  12. Sweet baby Jesus! I’d been wondering if this would ever happen. So many foundational favourites on ‘hiatus’ these days, that I was beginning to feel every one of my 33 years. You’ve made my weekend, guys. Can’t wait for the details.

  13. Truth here…I had been plotting for 6 months about how to coax you guys into doing a reunion show which would coincide with my 40th. Now I don’t have to. You are one of the best live bands to EVER play. When y’all play together the room turns electric. I used to co-promote and book tours for a dozen post-hardcore/indie bands so I’ve seen a lot of shows in my time. Your shows were some of the best I’ve ever seen. (Case and point, the first time I saw that Zombie stare with your arms raised high over your heads during “Shine a Light”)

    I’m signing up for at least two of your shows whether I have to travel 2000 miles or 5, I’ll be there with 30 friends in tow (no joke. travelling 40th bday party to see y’all play again). I saw y’all play Sasquatch in 06 when the hail storm cut your set short. It is an amazing experience be simultaneously pelted by hail and Young Lions at the same time. Saw you open for Broken Social Scene at SXSW at Emo’s. Also, saw a two night engagement with Lungfish. Holy shit that was special. In fact, on the Kensington tour, I once created a “wall” (according to Bry) of tall boy beers on stage @ Emo’s for y’all to drink. Please come to Texas (Austin specifically). For the many times that I’ve seen you the only regret I have is that I didn’t get to hear your cover of “Thunderstruck”. As for an opening band suggestion, please tell Q and Not U they must also reunion and tour North America with you.

    Thank you so much for the music. It is a constant in my life.

  14. All the way from Europe, in old, grey Romania a heartfelt thank you! This is truly the best news of 2014! I will never be able to fully express what your music means to me… Run like a river, glow like a beacon fire!

  15. All the way from Europe, in grey old Romania – thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will never be able to fully express how much your music means to me… Run like a river, glow like a beacon fire!
    Best news of 2014! Much love!

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  17. This is the best news. I’ve had so much fun seeing the cons and I was devastated to be out of Canada for the farewell shows. Look for me as the guy in the front row with the perm-smile.

    • they did come to the uk before, but i hope they come back again too! weirdly i just dug out and ripped all my Cons CDs yesterday, made a playlist and remembered how much i missed them and now this!

    • They did indeed play the UK a few times.I was lucky enough to be sitting reading the Q review of Shine a Light one morning beforebrowsing the NME gig guide(it was decent then) and noticed they were playing that night at The Metro.Along I toddle not having heard a single note.Safe to say it was an eye(ear) opener of some magnitude. Have seen em play a few times in London since then and every gig (especially Bush Hall)has been outstanding.
      Hope the lads get over here again, and if not I might just have to book masel a wee holiday in Canada.

  18. Thank you guys for some of the best live shows ive ever seen and the memories that each album holds of different times of my life. Edmonton is calling your name!… Turn it up!

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  20. All a man can build is his vision/And I love my man for trying

    Great news. The best news. I’ve seen you guys 10 times, hoping to see you 10 more. Much love….

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