St. You 3.3.2001

On March 3, 2001 we played at HQ skate shop in Cambridge ON. Will wasn’t in the band yet, but he played at the show. He had a song that said something about “my girlfriend works at the radio station/that’s how this song is in heavy rotation”. (Sorry if i’m getting that wrong Will – it was a long time ago!) Dallas and I grew up in Cambridge and there was never much happening and I remember thinking there would be nobody at the show but as we turned the corner onto Ainslie St. we saw a big group of kids smoking in front of the shop, smoking and hanging and ready to rock and roll. There was lots of screaming and yelling and somewhere in the middle we played St. You.

From one March 3rd to another…. – Steve

One thought on “St. You 3.3.2001

  1. I can only imagine the beautiful sound of this song leaking out of the HK skate shop to those young lovers waiting at the station to take the bus uptown to the John Galt Mall.

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