Shine A Light REISSUE


The reissue of Shine A Light is going to be released June 10th, 2014 on You’ve Changed Records (in Canada) and Sub Pop Records (everywhere else). Both labels are selling pre-orders now.

The reissue is looking amazing, we had the original artwork rephotographed and rebuilt after it had been sitting in dank storage and getting moved and banged around so it’s kind of battered and gnarly and looks great. The first bunch of LPs will be sold on special orange vinyl (Sub Pop’s patented ‘LOSER’ edition, but also available through You’ve Changed), and all the records are pressed from a newly cut vinyl master that sounds totally beauty. Also, all copies of the record comes with a special bonus 7inch that has the first ever vinyl pressings of the b-sides from the Nighttime/Anytime and Young Lions CD singles.

We’re totally excited this is happening and that we’ll have this for the shows this summer and fall.

Bonus 7inch tracklist:
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Talking Heads cover)
Raw Youth (Royal City cover)
Hotline Operator (2003) (a trippy jam that is totally distinct from the Tournament of Hearts tune)

Pre-orders and more info at:
In Canada: You’ve Changed Records
In the Rest of the World: Sub Pop Records


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